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UM-01 : ROV/AUV & Model Submarine Thruster (DC Motor)


Short Description
12V DC thruster for reliable underwater propulsion of ROV, AUV , submarine and moving platforms. It is waterproof good to 30 meters or 100 feet depth operations.
A 50mm 2 blades propeller is installed with the thruster for best efficiency and thrust. Spare propellers can be obtained separately.
USD 19.95 / set

Motor Type: DC motor (can rotate in forward and reverse directions or PWM speed controlled)

Operating Voltage: 3V to 12V

Operating Voltage: 6 to 12V (propeller in water load), 12V intermittent.

Operating Current: 7A max. @ 12V (propeller in water load)

Typical Thrust Output: 1.5Kg . ( 3.3 lb ), @ 12V

Operating depth: 30 meter ( 100ft ) max.

Weight in air: 300gm ( 10.6 oz )

Weight in water: 170g ( 6oz .)

Dimensions: Refer to drawing

Typical 2 blades propeller thrust test data

Voltage 8V 9V 10V 11V 12V

Forward 800g / 4.5A 1080g / 5.2A 1150g / 6A 1300g /6. 5A 1500g / 7A

Reverse 220g / 3.2A 260g / 3.7A 290g / 4.3A 350g / 5A 400g / 5.6A



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