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URX-02 : Ultrasonic underwater beacon receiver (20 channels, all modes)


Short Description
Multi-channels receiver is used to receive different coded signals from 20 transmitters in 4 selected groups located in different directions. Transmitter channels are indicated by the corresponding leds on the receiver and their directions are pointed by the orientations of the ultrasonic transducer.
This receiver is not only can receive signals from UTX-03, it will detect UTX-01and UTX-02 transmitted signals as well. Receiver has foldable stem and can be extended from 54cm (21in.) to 88cm (34.5in.).
USD 39.95 / set

Operating frequency: 40KHz

Operating Mode: Pulse decoded

Range: approx. 80 meters ( 260 ft .) with UTX-01, 150 meters ( 490ft .) with UTX-02 & UTX-03 transmitter

Number of Channels: 4 channels with 4 different coded transmitters in each channel

Channel decoder range: 60 meters (2 00 ft .)

Channel Indicator: 5 high brightness leds

Ultrasonic Sensor: wide band (included)

Sound Indicator: 2-1/ 4 in . loudspeaker or earphone (earphone included)

Power supply: 9V (006P battery, not included)

Operating Time: approx. 5 hrs.

Weight: 370gm ( 13oz )

Mechanical Dimensions: Body length 54cm ( 21in .) extend to 88cm ( 34.5in .).



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