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URX-03 : Ultrasonic wide band receiver for underwater beacon ( all modes )


Short Description
This receiver will tune in ultrasonic signals from 18 KHz to125 KHz. It will receive all modes of signals from UTX-01, UTX-02 and UTX-03 transmitter signals with excellent sensitivity.
It is not only used for locating transmitters installed on underwater ROV, UAV, diver and underwater structure. It can also detect ultrasonic sounds generated by bats, leaky gas pipe, electric discharge etc.
USD 39.95 / set

Operating frequency: tunes from 18 KHz to125 KHz

Operating Mode: detects all modes of signals ( beat frequency )

Range: approx. 130 meters ( 330 ft .) with UTX-01 , 200 meters ( 655ft .) with UTX-02 & UTX-03 transmitter

Transducer: 40KHz transducer with 2 meter cable and plug

Sound Indicator: 2-1/ 4 in . loudspeaker or earphone (earphone included)

Operation Voltage: 9V (006P battery)

Standby Current: 15ma (typical)

Weight: 300gm ( 10.5 oz .) with battery and sensor assembly

Mechanical Dimensions: 150 x 110 x 55mm (6 x 4.3 x 2.2in .)



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