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UTX-01 : Underwater ultrasonic beacon transmitter (Pulsed)


Short Description
This tracking transmitter is specially designed for tracking underwater ROV, UAV, diver and locating objects. It emits a narrow beam which can be detected by following beacon receivers at over 80 meters distance.
This transmitter can be detected by URX-1 through URX6 and has built in rechargeable Li-Po batteries.
USD 15.95 / set

Operating frequency: 40KHz

Operating Mode: Pulsed

Operating Depth: 30 meters ( 100 ft .)

Range: approx. 80 meters ( 260 ft .) with URX-01 & URX-02 receiver, 130 meters ( 425 ft .) with URX-03 receiver

Operation Voltage: 7.4V (internal rechargeable Li-Po batteries, use CH-01charger, charger not included)

Operating Time: over 30 hrs.

Weight in air: 60g . ( 2.1oz .)

Weight in water: 7g . ( 0.25oz .)

Mechanical Dimensions: As show in drawing



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