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Item no. : 898A
Name : Treasure Hunting Metal Detector
Price : USD 11.99 / set
Short Description : Metal detector for treasure hunting is easy to construct and operate. Will be able to find coins, relics, metal pipes, etc. When metal is found a loud siren sound alerts the user of possible treasure buried underground. It is powered by one 9V radio battery and can provide hours of treasure hunting enjoyments.


Item no. : MD-128K
Name : Mini-Metal Detector
Short Description : Mini metal detector, small enough to put into your pocket, will detect conceal water pipes, electric wires, coins or any metallic objects. Easy to assemble, and comes with all the parts and instruction manual.


Item no. : MD-898K
Name : Treasure Hunting Metal Detector
Price : USD 7.99 / set
Short Description : Learn the principle of metal detector used in the military mine detector. A very interesting kit, when finished you can use it to find buried treasures, relics, coins on the beaches or Parks etc. Easy to build and operate, will provide hours of fun for the whole family.






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