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HU-03 : 「BABY」Humanoid
Short Description
HU-03 and HU-04 will be more challenging to work on, with more fun in animation, complex motions and programming. These are ideal humanoids for any inter school competitions.
USD 372.49 / set
Features, Dimensions and Weight
Able to perform different forms and more degrees of freedom, more human like in motion. Dimensions: 210x95x250 mm G.W.: 1,750 g N.W.: 870 g
More challenging in programming and balancing, needs good imaginations of programmer.
Walking forward and sideward, turning, forward, backward and sideward rolls, stretching, etc.
Kit Contents

Metal, plastic parts 1 set
Universal Servo Controller 1 pc.
Servomotor 10 pcs.
7.4V Lithium Ion Polymer Battery 1 pc.
7.4V Lithium Battery Charger 1 pc.
Download cable 1 pc.
Software CD-Rom 1 pc.

210x95x250 (mm) 1kg





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